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Frank Hanna at ASU
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Learn more about the value of Mediation
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Use this page to learn all about what we do, where we do it, what you will learn and what the actual training looks like. At any stage feel free to contact us for any additional information you might like to have.

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The simple answer is wherever we are required to. The important thing for us is that the students give no more than 5 hours a day throughout the class. That might be in your office, your city or anywhere that suits.

The reasons why The Mediation Agency training stands out among the others are simple: our teaching team, with principle instructor, Frank Hanna, bring their respective and substantial experience, both educational and real-life, into the process of their mediation instruction. There is a delicate balance of skills taught in the 40-hour mediation class curriculum, with an emphasis on exploring and capitalising on each students life experience by refining their own innate people skills with professional mediation techniques. The teaching team includes Nancy Peterson; a counsellor, mediator and marketing specialist for mediation practices. Additionally from time to time other seasoned ADR professionals are invited to lecture on special or specific topics unique to their professions.

Together they pull students into the realm of mediation with a structured combination of lecture, role play, and open discussion. The end result is a mediator that fully understands the role of a mediator and is able to apply all his or her professional and personal skills into the process -- creating mediators that are sound, confident, and successful
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We are pleased to say that we have been asked to present a training programme in January 2016. The programme will take place on the Isle of Man and will be spread over two weeks. It will be intense, extremely detailed and will prepare you for a career in mediation. On this page there is full detail of the type of training, the content and the views of others who have previously been trained.

It should be noted that from our experience the maximum amount of time per day should not exceed five hours. We do our best to accommodate local businesses so that is why the training will start at 2 PM and finish at 7 PM. This will enable people to attend to their normal workload simultaneously.

The cost will be £2,750 per person.

We strongly recommend that you reserve a place, if you are interested, as early as possible. This will not amount to a commitment as we will not be asking for payment until much closer to the time. The size of the class is limited and there are a number of people who will be travelling from overseas to attend. Please click on this link to go to our contact page to make your reservation.
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Throughout the world of mediation the accepted standard for the teaching of the skills required is the "40-hour" course. That is the minimum requirement for embarking on a career in mediation. Many classes are termed "Basic Mediation Training" and we believe that such descriptive is damaging and misleading. Nowhere will you read about "Basic Legal Training" or "Basic Medical Training" or any other training that prepares students for the rigours of the professional application of skills. You will not see the word "basic" associated with any of our 40-hour mediation training programs. They are intensive, challenging and most certainly not daunting.
Please read our testimonials they point to students who openly talk about "life changing skills." They also reference the immediate impact the training has upon their job performance, whether it is as a mediator or in any other walk of life or endeavour. Our professional referrals are also available to you.
Choose your training carefully; it is far too important to your future. When considering your choices, make sure you evaluate what others have taken from it. As a policy, we publish the comments from our student base. We have never had a negative review.
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• Sophisticated Mediation and Negotiation Techniques will be Explored:
• Understanding Emotion and Dealing with Anger
• The Dance of Negotiation: What are the steps?
• Impasse Breaking Techniques: Turning conflict into communication
• The Most Important 5 Minutes in a Mediation
• Body Language: Understanding What is said when no words are spoken
• Using Humour in Mediation
• Perception and Her Ugly Sister, "Miss Perception"
• The Caucus: Understanding its value and when to use it
• The Mediated Agreement: Is it a contract? Is it binding?
• The Structure of Every Mediation: Taking carefully measured steps to resolution
• Understanding the Psychology of Conflict
• Understanding the Psychology of Influence: Why do people say "No" when it is in their best interest to say "Yes?"
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Practices / Applications:
• Defining the Applications of ADR: Where does mediation fit?
• Mediation in the UK: The Progress and Challenges
• UK Mediation: What to expect, and how to benefit
• What Lawyers and Businesses Have Discovered: Litigations Vs. Mediation
• The Role of Mediation in Facilitation
• Understanding Niche Markets: Capitalising on YOUR professional career & personal skills
• Public Relations: What does using ADR say about you and your business?
• Dual Careers: Exploring the benefits of Meditation and uncovering the connection to your profession
• Can I Be a Mediator? How to develop your skills
• Marketing a New Mediation Practice: Getting Started!
• Prior Qualifications: Do I have to be a lawyer?