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Our Mediators: Europe and the USA

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Frank Hanna, Co Founder of the Mediation Agency.
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• Had a long and successful career as a solicitor in Belfast, N Ireland throughout the 'Troubles'
• Took early retirement and moved to the USA to study mediation.
• He gained qualifications in mediation from prestigious universities, Harvard and Pepperdine
• Settled in Arizona and went on to practice in the community.
• Frank Hanna became the name in mediation in Arizona where he was based being elected President of the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association.
• He was approached by the city of Gilbert to teach a team of community mediators
• He devised his own, unique teaching programme, with an innovative style and methodology which led to the cities of Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler hiring him.
• As a practising mediator, Frank has been involved with approximately 3,000 cases.
• He was retained by the United States Government as a contract mediator for the Equal Employment and Equal Opportunities Commission (EEOC).
• He has also mediated for police departments, cities, large companies and government departments in America
• Is the author of Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the Real World, CLICK HERE to read a chapter from his book.
• Was awarded a Doctorate in Mediation
• Dr Frank Hanna has taught high profile figures from the world over, including a former Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the former Head of BBC Daytime Television.
• He has now graduated over 800 mediators; lectured widely on the subject; held mediation web conferences; taught online; created mediation training videos, and has been professor of conflict studies at two American universities.
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Nancy Peterson
Co Founder of The Mediation Agency

• Co Founder of The Mediation Agency
• Has many years of experience mediating with the Arizona Superior Court Mediation Programme, and for the office of the Arizona Attorney General.
• Worked with Maricopa County Adult Probation Programme and in private practice.
• Was the first mediator to launch the Maricopa County probation mediation programme.
• Nancy is a teacher of mediation techniques. With a business background in counselling, marketing, teaching, public relations and mediation.
• She is an invaluable source of reference to students seeking to expand their career in mediation offering in-depth guidance to students helping them to gain real-time experience as mediators and promoting them in the marketplace as professional mediators.
• In 2004 she authored an on-line mediation dictionary as a study aid for students of conflict resolution and to acquaint the public with mediation terminology; www.mediationdictionary.com
• Nancy also designs and teaches courses for internet and live presentation on topics such as Workplace Conflict Management
• Wrote an introduction to mediation entitled, Mediation: a beginners guide.
• She developed an internet course called Mediation Principles and Practice - rewarding students a full academic credit upon completion.
• She created the standards for the bachelors degree in mediation offered through Cloverdale College in Indiana.
• Is a past Director of Education and Professional Development with New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA)
• Nancy was a frequent speaker and trainer for groups in New York dealing with women’s conflict issues, and American related conflict matters on the local and world stage.
• Nancy continues her speaking engagements privately and is available for appointments in the UK as well as the USA.
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David Damron Esq

• David Damron is licensed to practice law in the States of Arizona and California.
• He is also admitted to the US District Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.
• He graduated in 1975 from Arizona State University College of Law, with Honours Colloquium:
• He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969 from Arizona State University.
• He joined Sanders & Parks, P.C. in 1983, where he was an owner and director.
• David was the Managing Director of Sanders & Parks, P.C. 1999-2007 and retired in January, 2007.
• David Damron has worked with the Mediation Agency for 15 years.
• He specialises in Alternative Dispute Resolution including mediation, settlement conferences and arbitration.
• He has mediated over one thousand matters in his practice through the years and his participation as a Judge Pro Tempore.
• In addition, Mr. Damron has completed a certification course as a Mediator through The Mediation Agency in the United Kingdom and has attended the prestigious Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine School of Law.
• David also offers his services as a special master to assist in the resolution of discovery matters and other issues in complex litigation the court and/or parties require assistance in resolving.
• After decades practicing in complex litigation, he has extensive experience in the types of disputes that arise in these cases.
• David is an invited member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.
• He has been named a "Super Lawyer" in the Alternative Dispute Resolution category; a Phoenix Magazine "Top Attorney in Arizona" in Alternative Dispute Resolution Law for 2013; and
• David Damron is an "AV" rated attorney through Martindale-Hubbell.
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Jean Carlos Lima

As a Ph.D. in Law and Post-doctor in Law with major in mediation ad conflict resolutions, had a long and successful career as a professor of international law in Brazil, mediator, negotiator and arbitrator.
• He gained qualifications in mediation and alternatives dispute resolution from prestigious universities, Michigan, UMSA, Harvard, Hartford.
• Jean Carlos Lima is the name in mediation in Brazil-Pernambuco where he is based being founder of IBRAMAC – Brazilian Institute of mediation and Arbitration.
• He was also a mediator at the Brazilian’s court located in Pernambuco.
• He is author of various books on mediation, law, arbitration and negotiation.
• As a practising mediator, Jean Carlos has been involved with many conflict resolutions cases.
• He is the vice-president of Global Mediators and Negotiators - GMN
• He has also mediated for police departments, cities, large companies and government departments in Brazil.
• He is a General Senior Counsellor of the International American Court of Commercial Arbitration in New York.
• He is also professor at American Trinity University – California – USA.
• Jean Carlos has taught high profile figures from Brazil, including judges, policeman, sheriff, policeman official, union directors and others
• He has now taught over 1.300 mediators and arbitrators; lectured widely on the subject; held mediation web conferences; taught online; created mediation training videos, and has been professor of conflict studies at one Brazilian university.
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