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Why choose The Mediation Agency for your training?
The style of mediation instruction, and programmes offered by The Mediation Agency are based upon concepts taught at Harvard Law School and Pepperdine University. Our  teaching model is enhanced with "real-world" techniques that provide an educational experience that is unequalled. We offer 40 and 60 hour mediation training classes, seminars, workshops, training videos and custom programs for in-house workplace clients and public classes. Learn more about the content of our courses, as well as our instructors qualifications, by viewing our training syllabus, CLICK HERE.

About our principal instructors...
Dr. Frank Hanna, along with his partner Nancy Peterson, M.Med., have instructed students from locations all over the world. In July of 2006 Dr. Hanna instructed mediators in Scottsdale, Arizona and Nancy Peterson was able to teach with him via the internet from her office in New York using specialized, interactive technology. [see photograph below]  The students, seeing and hearing Nancy, were able to ask live questions - the students enjoyed the interaction and felt it added immeasurably to their experience.

Our coursework is extensive, covering many important psychologies not found in other courses
Our principle instructor, Dr. Frank Hanna describes most mediation training courses as wholly unable to prepare students for the real world of mediation.
The training that has received high praise from former students with comments such as; "...a life changing experience!" "inspirational.." "...filled with priceless experience..." "...deep-end training, a real eye-opener!"  
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2006 Nancy Peterson teaching a class in
Arizona from New York via the internet.
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He explains, "Early in the 1990's I made the emotive decision to change my career path from my position as senior partner of my law practice in Belfast, Northern Ireland to mediation.
Needless to say this was a somewhat brave move for me as mediation was virtually unheard of, and certainly not in active practice in Northern Ireland. I researched extensively and decided the most prestigious training, and arguably the best, would be found at Harvard University in the USA.
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I got my training and after a few stumbling mediations, found my Harvard training, whilst good in concept, had not prepared me for actual real-world mediations. This was the impetus behind writing my book, Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the Real World, and formed the concepts behind the coursework for our 40-60 hour classes." Review our course work syllabus by CLICKING HERE and student testimonials by CLICKING HERE.