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The incidence of workplace related conflict takes many forms. It can be as mild as minor irritation that may only result in two employees refusing to speak to each other, or may be serious enough to cause physical or emotional damage to an employee and other staff members. One thing all workplace conflict has in common; it has an impact on the workplace. Whether that is simply losing productivity, or results in the loss of a valuable employee - it effects the employer and the other employees. Taking the litigation option - namely suing an employer - has lasting consequence that serves neither the employee or employer well. Learn more by viewing the video to the right.
Establishing a programme that consists of regular training, and provides a system for dealing with conflict in a confidential manner is crucial for the workplace, no matter what the size of the employer. "Wherever two or more people gather is an occasion for conflict." So states Frank Hanna, Co founder of the mediation agency and principle instructor. To read the recent statistics on workplace conflict, CLICK HERE.

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Recent findings of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) report on the incidence of workplace conflict and recommend to the UK government that radical changes be implemented. Read the full report by CLICKING HERE.
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Nancy is quoted in a July 2007 Guardian article about workplace conflict, read it by CLICKING HERE.