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Co-founder of The Mediation Agency, Nancy Peterson, M.Med, has many years of experience mediating with the Arizona Superior Court Mediation Program, the office of the Attorney General, Maricopa County Adult Probation Program and in private practice.

As well as being an accomplished mediator, Nancy is a teacher of mediation techniques. With a business background in counselling, marketing, teaching, public relations and mediation, Nancy is an invaluable source of reference to students seeking to expand their career in mediation. Offering in-depth guidance to students helping them to gain real-time experience as mediators and promoting them in the marketplace as professional mediators.
In 2004 requests from Nancy's mediation students prompted her to write an on-line mediation dictionary as a study aid for students of conflict resolution and to acquaint the public with mediation terminology; or view the Mediation Dictionary in PDF format, CLICK HERE.

Nancy also designs and teaches courses for internet or live presentation on topics such as Workplace Conflict Management, and an introduction to mediation entitled, Mediation: a beginners guide. Additionally she developed an internet course called Mediation Principles and Practice - rewarding students a full academic credit upon completion, and created the standards for a bachelors degree in mediation offered through Cloverdale College in Indiana.

As the just past Director of Education and Professional Development with New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA), Nancy was a frequent speaker and trainer for groups in New York dealing with womens conflict issues, and American related conflict matters on the local and world stage. Nancy continues her speaking engagements privately and is available for appointments in the UK as well as the USA.
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Nancy Peterson is interviewed about community mediation in October 2007 by The Examiner, CLICK HERE to read.

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