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Brooke M. Dawson, Project Manager and Workplace Liaison
In 2010 the workplace sadly promises to be even more stressful and worrying than in previous years. Job losses, redundancies and even the closing of many companies, have created an urgency amongst employers and employees alike to keep the peace and work productively together as a team.

The Mediation Agency's Project Manager and Workplace Liaison, Brooke Dawson brings a substantial background of dealing with companies, and employees in conflict.

Brooke's experience is further enhanced by a genuine empathy for both employer and employee caught up in the misery of workplace conflict and productivity issues.
Upon the first meeting, Brooke will begin to assess a companies situation and after interviewing management, staff and employees, she will make suggestions as to training (in-house or off-site), the installation of workplace peer mediators and implementing a company wide programme to help resolve issues before they become critical to either employer or employee. Once a programme has been agreed, Brooke acts as a liaison for the company, dealing with staff and attendees to assure the best results are achieved, and schedules the appropriate training, or programme design with The Mediation Agency training staff.

Learn more by reading recent studies and documentation of the loss incurred by companies worldwide by visiting our FAQ page.

Contact Brooke today to schedule an appointment and begin to reap the many benefits afforded to companies and employees alike by addressing issues before they become serious problems.
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