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In 2009 the workplace sadly promises to be even more stressful and worrying than in previous years. Job losses, redundancies and even the closing of many companies, have created an urgency amongst employers and employees alike to keep the peace and work productively together as a team.

There are countless applications for conflict resolution using mediation and just as many motivations for people seeking training.

Identifying a need to raise the standards of the practice of mediation, The Mediation Agency offers a higher caliber of services that fully encompass the multi-faceted skills related to mediation.

We offer training programmes that address an ever increasing need for mediators to be cross-trained in specific professions according to their career history.

Learn more about recent surveys and reports attesting to the need for companies to deal with workplace conflict by visiting our FAQ page.

Whether the best choice for training is to attend a public class or within your own firm with a private class; the training offered by The Mediation Agency will make a positive impact both to career and private life. Contact us today.
The Mediation Agency Associates;

Frank Hanna, D.Med, Dr. Ephrem BoguesDavid Damron, Esq. Nancy Peterson. M.Med and Brooke Dawson, have a clear mission statement:

A desire to be the vehicle to bring the many
benefits of mediation, and the disciplines related
to dispute resolution, to individuals and companies
throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and America.
Mediation Agency
Nancy Peterson and Frank Hanna,
Mediation Agency Co founders
The Mediation Agency was co founded in 1998 by Frank Hanna and Nancy Peterson. The company quickly became well known in the USA for offering the highest quality mediation services and training. In 2006 Frank and Nancy opted to "bring the business home" and so they moved house & company to Belfast, N. Ireland. 

Business opportunities developed offshore shortly thereafter, and in 2007 the company was relocated to Port Erin, Isle of Man. The new location was deemed a good choice as it also provided closer access to points in the United Kingdom as well.
2010 promises to bring even more exciting developments including Mediation Agency sponsored community programmes, and new seminars. Be kept up-to-date as to our event schedule by joining our mailing list! ---------------------------------------------->
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