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Mediation Agency
SICA© -FICA© a charitable foundation, based in The Hague.
The Mediation Agency is accredited / recognised by the below institutions:
Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF) Masters / Doctorate in mediation
Cloverdale College (Undergraduate school for GTF) Bachelors Degree in Mediation Program
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The Mediation Dictionary a helpful on-line resource for mediation and alternative dispute resolution terminology. (Or use the PDF version below.)
General Mediation Reports, Surveys, Knowlege and Information:
Caucus on line publication about the world of mediation - Mailing List Sign-up --------------->
Download your free copy of our on-line book by
clicking this link; Mediation: a beginners guide or below on the image title.
The Mediation Dictionary In PDF format.
The CIPD Survey (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) entitled, Managing Conflict at Work, is an  analysis is based on replies from 798 UK organisations employing in total more than 2.2 million employees.
The Isle of Man report, presented by the Council of Ministers in June 2007, recommends the introduction of a mediation service in association with their legal aid programme. [See pages 6 - 3.1 and 7 - 3.1.4 found in the PDF report link above.]
DTI Department of Trade and Industry report on the incidence of workplace conflict.
(Includes a recommendation to the UK government that radical changes be implemented.)
Helpful Mediation Forms & Documents
Agreement to Mediate; This document contains important information and helps to assure every participates in good faith.
Information About Mediation; This letter is an example of information sent to parties who have agreed to participate in mediation.
Confidentiality Agreement; This contract is signed by all parties and witnesses to a mediation to assure confidentiality.
Mediated Agreement; This is a typical form style of agreement that is often used in community mediation programmes.
The Mediation Agency Brochure; Read and print The Mediation Agency brochure to share with colleagues.
The Mediation Agency Workplace Conflict Workbook; The Mediation Agency Workplace Conflict Workbook (from our one-day workshop) to read and share with colleagues. If you are interested in holding this one-day class at your workplace, please contact us.
The Mediation Agency 40-60 hour Training Syllabus; Information about our course, materials and instructors.
Workplace Conflict Statistics; Information about the short and long-term effects of workplace conflict.
Dr. Frank Hanna